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vendredisque #24





Moondog - Down is up (1969)


money no be sand.jpg11182_b.jpgCOVER.jpg

r stevie moore - phono.jpg4988017614686.jpgs4367026.jpg

Becks-Music-Inspired-Art-Project-Pink-Moon-Nick-Drake.jpg12704BIG.jpgroland young boogie.jpg



Charlotte Dada - Don't Let Me Down  (Ghana 1971, Money No Be Sand)
Deeskee Vs. Of Mexican_Descent - Live In Moss Beach Ft 2mex The League Maleko Subtitle Joe Dub (2006)
Radioinactive - Be Fulfilled  (Pyramidi - 2001)
R. Stevie Moore - I Wish I Could Sing  (Phonography - 1976)
Harold Alexander - Mama Soul  (Sunshine Man - 1971)
Micah P Hinson - The Strinking Before The Storm  (Micah P Hinson & The Pioneer Saboteurs - 2010)
Beck - Pink Moon   (Nick Drake Cover - 2005)
The High Confessions - Chlorine and Crystal   (Turning lead into Gold With The High Confessions - 2010)
Roland P Young - Magenta Sky  (Isophonic Boogie Woogie - 1980)
The Gaslamp Killer - Shattering Inner Journeys (feat. Computer Jay)  (Death Gate - 2010)
Dan Hicks - I Scare Myself  (Dan Hicks And His Hot Licks - 1969)
Frank Zappa - How Could I Be Such A Fool  (Greasy Love Songs - Zappa Records, 2010)


Album posthume de Frank Zappa sorti en avril 2010. Il s'agit de l'édition originale telle qu'elle fut pressée en vinyl de l'album Cruising With Ruben & The Jets, sorti en 1968.

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